The FIFA 16 Winter Upgrades Predictions and Investments

Today we FIFA 16 Coins predict what players will be upgrade at the Premier League winter upgrades. FIFA 16 winter upgrades will be released at January 19 after FIFA 16 TOTY, what players are will be upgraded?


Before we have introduced the La Liga Winter Upgrades predictions and how to investment at Winter Upgrades, including Neymar, Williams.


Mahrez (73>76): Leicester occupy the top of Premier League in this season, this is inseparable with the performance of Mahrez and Vardy. Mahrez has 13 goals and 7 assists in 15 games, so he absolutely be upgraded at winter upgrade, his SHO and PAS will be improved.


Vardy (71>75): The performance of Vardy is just as crazy in this season, with 15 goals in the top scorer at Premier League, and 11 consecutive games goals let him get the first Record Breaker player card at FIFA 16.


Bellerin (74>76): this is a teenager form Arsenal, although he has improved in FIFA 16 compared to FIFA 15, but we still think his ability can become a Rare Gold player card at winter upgrades.


Payet (81>82): West Ham total 25 goals this season, including 1/3 goals is related to


Koscielny (83>84): He not only scored 2 goals, also the number of rescue is as high as 83 times in this season

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