FIFA 16 Tutorial: Defending from Corners

To solve this situation, practice is important, practice with some skills is more important. This is a tutorial for defending from corners in FIFA 16 Coins. Usually, your opponent score a goal from corner kick mainly because your defender failed to track an attacker, or he didn’t defending well from corners.

First, i want to say chemistry in your squad. Use 100% chemistry is important so that all your players can perform better on the pitch. And then you should make full use of your goalkeepers. The best way you can try to leave your goalkeeper on the line, and find the areas of positions where can delivering the ball into and decide if it will be best to use your GK to try and claim the cross.

Goalkeeper become very useful when you build your squad without any strong and big players, almost no player is so powerful to head the ball well, as we all know strength is an important factor in FIFA 16. Keep in mind, use your goalkeeper effectively. And then you should header the way it came, avoid conceding a goal from a corner again. When you heading the ball from corners, you should keep holding the shoot button, you will find your player attack the ball more aggressively. At last, you can try to see corners as a chance to an opportunity to attack, and then you can build counter attacks and catch the opposition.

If you want some cheap coins, our website provide the lowest price. Hope you can defend from corners well in FIFA Coins after reading this article. Another important tip, you can buy correct players for your defensive.


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